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MEA/MAPPAN Officers and Committees

(For a list of officers from all previous years, click this PDF link)

Current 2021-2022 MEA/MAPPAN Officers

JoVonn Hill
Vice President
Tessie Wilkerson
Executive Vice President
Jeff Dean
Whitney Crow
Fred Musser
Director 1
Angus Catchot
Director 2
Priya Basu
Director 3
Tom Allen
Director 4
Sead Sabanadzovic
Director 5 Karim Shahid
Director 6 Katherine Parys

Committee Chair Persons


Chair Persons   2021-2022

Local Arrangements Beverly Catchot
Nominations Jenny Ryals
Historical JoVonn Hill
Legislative Randy Boyle
Public Relations & Social Media Beverly Keesler and Jennifer Seltzer
Scholarships and Awards Jeff Harris
Hospitality and Entertainment Chip Graham
Membership and Rules Jennifer Seltzer
Publications JoVonn Hill
Student Involvement* Kendra Wagner
*President or vice president (whichever is the entomology student) of the EPP Club presidency serves as this committee chair. Presidency changes in January of each year.